Bob Miller Trucking (2001) Ltd.

At Bob Miller trucking (2001) Ltd. in Airdrie, you are one call away from all your fluid hauling needs. Fully equipped, our rolling stock inventory includes single axle/ Tandem tankers for potable non potable water/ chemical hauling. B trains triaxles, truck and pups for your drilling/ produced oilfield needs. Fiberglass, stainless, and aluminum trucks and trailers for sour {pressure vessels and scrubbers} or clean chemical transport. We now also have a straight VAC truck and mobile steamer.
Along with chemical sales of methanol mix, KCL, glycol, acids, wax, or sulfur eating solutions, we have pressure trucks from 1 to 5 ton high pressure pumping units used for pressure testing, pipeline fills, well washes or breaking hydrates.

Even MOTHER NATURE can’t keep us away with our 3 ton 4×4 pressure truck complete with SNOWPLOW. Supply of and metered application of dust control products provide ease of mind from health concerns from dust carried concerns. Bob Miller Trucking (2001) Ltd. is a COR certified company and employees are extensively trained in the positions they perform, and fully certified, OIL patch ready.
Bob Miller Trucking (2001) Ltd. Subscribes to Both Comply works formerly Canada HSE and ISNETWORLD.

Service Area

Proudly serving Airdrie & Area since 1949 but not limited to this area.
We do go to BC and into SK periodically as well.


Bob Miller Trucking now provides calcium dust control, metered application provides spot on protection from airborne dust carried concerns. Call for a quote! We also offer a 53 foot step decks call for details!

About Us

A Brief History:

Bob Miller Sr. began hauling water for seismic and drilling operations out of Sundre, Alberta in 1949. When Oil was found in Alberta Bob saw the need for hauling more than just water and in the 1950’s he began hauling all types of fluids. In and around 1963 the Millers moved their base of operations to Eckville, Alberta and began the transformation into servicing the growing oil and gas industry. 

Bob and Ruby have three children all of whom grew up exposed to the day to day operations of the trucking industry. In 1967 Bob Miller Trucking once again moved relocating their operations to Airdrie, Alberta where they are located yet today. Although Bob Sr. has retired from the day to day trucking business he continues to work diligently building trucks, even at 96 years old! His new love is in the restoration of older IHC pickups which can be viewed at the Pioneer Acres Museum, Irricana Alberta.

Ron Miller now owns and operates Bob Miller Trucking (2001) Ltd, his knowledge of the industry and personable nature make (Captain) Ron a pleasure to work for and to do business with.

Our Services

Wet/Dry Steam

Potable Water

Straight Vac Truck

Temporary Water Systems

Chemical Sales & Pumping

Non Potable Water

Dust Control (calcium)

Mobile Steam Unit  

Flat Decks

Mobile Natural Gas Compressor    

Mobile Pressure Washing

Truck and Pup Tanker Units

Sealed Pressure Bullets

B Trains / Super B Trains

Mini and Tandem and Tractor/Trailer Pressure Trucks

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